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One cold day, while eating at a Chinese resturaunt, Zora proposed an Idea to me.
"Arianna," she said, "We should make a livejournal community for bored people."
After disscussing this over wonderful fried tofu, scalion pancakes, and egg custard balls, we concluded that it would be a good idea.
So here is that community.

Okay. This is a community for bored people. Before you scoff, you must listen. What you do, is you post a message, something along the lines of
"I'm bored. Someone call/e-mail/IM me!"
And your friends in the community would answer your plee, and call/e-mail/IM you!
More details (possibly) to be added.

Okay, so as far as rules go, this is as far as we've gotten.

1. You cannot post unless you are a member (obviously)
2. You cannot become a member unless either I, Arianna (padfootgirl) or Zora (love_hate_idk) approve of you.
3. Um.. I don't know. I have to talk this over with Zora.

1. There will be no posting of phone numbers. Ever. I don't want to get in trouble with my dad. *grins sheepishly*
2. Once again, more will be worked out...

The current mods are Arianna (padfootgirl) and Zora (love_hate_idk). You know you love us.
Um... more later...