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Conquer_Bordem - Because Everyone Gets Bored. Really. They Do. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Nov 2004|11:53am]

[ mood | bored ]

well i dont think this will actually work but here goes nothing: Im bored!!!!!!! i have nothing to ndo all weekend so give me a call if you know my number! if you dont know my number IM me at ZaZoo3110 and ill give you my number. thanx!

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[22 Oct 2004|11:29pm]

just a note: we have not yet figured out the details of how this will work! most likely when you join you will be emailed a info list with peoples names phone numbers and screen names. please do not put any personal information in here, we dont want any stalkers!!!! As soon as me and ari have time we will inform you all of how this will work, we hope we can get it done this week so be patient!

all the love from
The Mod Of The Universe
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[20 Oct 2004|04:41pm]

[ mood | Wicked! ]

Y'all gotta love the wicked Wicked layout! Great job on it!

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[18 Oct 2004|06:37pm]

Testing! Testing! 123! Testing!
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